A to Z Blogging Challenge: I is for Inches

Today’s topic over at Mommy Talk Tuesday is “Losing the Baby Weight,” and I needed an “i” word for the little bloggy blog challenge.  Voila!  I is for inches.  Brilliant just brilliant.

So here’s the deal, I actually only gained 20 pounds with the twins.  W.T.F. Andrea?  How did that happen?

Well, I tell you, horrific morning sickness until week 16 was a big help in that department.  Combine that with giving birth at 28 weeks and there you go.  20 pounds.  Here is me at about 25 weeks-ish:

May 27, 2008 - 25 weeks

At 5′ 9″  I am one tall mama and I have a long torso so the babies had lots o’ room in there.  I seriously cannot imagine how you more petite mamas out there managed to carry twins and especially to term.  You are my heroes.

Anyhow, I lost 7 pounds instantaneously after the c-section.  You would think that the stress of having babies in the NICU along with pumping every stinking 2 1/2 hours would help me to lose the remaining poundage.  Nope, not me.  For about 6 months after they were born, I turned into a compulsive eater and gained about 20 pounds.  My biggest weakness was late night eating.  I wasn’t able to nurse, but I still pumped for several months after the boys came home.  Which means I would feed both of them, put them back to bed and then I still had to pump.  Fun.

By the time I was finished, I was wide awake and hungry.  I would eat entire boxes of donuts, croissants, tubs of ice cream, cookies, really, as long as it was sweet, I was in my happy place.  My diet during the day was fine, it was just nights that destroyed me.  So as you can imagine, I blew up pretty quickly to about 190 lbs.

Because I am tall, I was able to carry the extra poundage well, at least as well as you can carry about 35 extra pounds.  People were shocked, shocked whenever I would reveal my weight.  In January 2009, I took a long hard look at myself and was not happy.  I stopped buying junk food and joined a gym.  They had a lovely kid zone for the boys which provided up to 2 hours of free child care.  It was a brand new facility so the showers were still in great shape.  Consequently, I was able to take a lovely non-rushed shower everyday.  It was bliss.  I lost 30 pounds and a total 25 inches from my body in about 5 months through lots of sweat and a little bit of dieting.  By a “little bit,” I mean I stopped the late night compulsive sweet eating, cut out soda and kept an eye on my portion sizes.  That was it.  I still ate fast food every once in awhile, we still ate out a lot at our respective restaurants.

Since then, I stay roughly around 165, if I am a slacker and don’t exercise or eat decently.  Last spring/early summer I got down to 150 and felt amazing.  This was done through a hard core boot camp style class and 1500 calories a day.  It was hard, but it was worth it baby when I wore a bikini for the first time in years.  My c-section scar wasn’t quite the built in muffin top anymore (seriously, doctors, is it that hard just to snip a little extra skin away when you are stitching a sister back together again?).  The cellulite was still there, but I’ve come to terms with no matter how much weight I lose, the cellulite and I will be together forever.  Sigh. This past winter, I was a hack again, so I am back to around 163-ish.  I look okay, I just look and feel better when I am fit.  But, at least I know I can do it and exactly what I need to do to accomplish it.

I wish I didn’t love my sweets so damn much.  And my Coke.  I love my fully leaded Coca Coca.  No Diet Coke for this girl.  Sigh.

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About Andrea

Andrea is a 35 year old mother to 5 year old twin boys, a wife, a devout Catholic, a web designer, entrepreneur and speaker. You can view all of her projects at andreaboring.com.


  1. says

    Well done for getting it off! I am tall, too, (5’11″) so I hear you on people being sort of stunned when you fess up. I managed to lose 50 pounds after baby #2, but it has trickled on again so I need to get going. Congratulations to you for doing it. And CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

    • says

      Congrats on your weightloss too! I honestly think that had I carried the twins to term, then I never would have been able to lose the weight. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. says

    Great job! You’ll be where you want to be before you know it. Thanks for joining Flosk Together today. I am now your happy LF follower :)

  3. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is tall, and is up there in pounds, but don’t look it. I guess this is just how it goes when you’re tall. I’m 5’10″, and there was a time in my 20′s and 30′s when I was a lean and mean runner and ballerina at 140 lbs. For a ballerina, this is outrageously heavy of course!;) Now in my 40′s I’m up about 10 lbs. so, I’d like a happy medium of keeping off about 5. Enjoyed your story and honesty!

  4. The Rambling Pages says

    Good ‘I’, I struggle to think of one, infact I am struggling to find subjects most days and find I am thinking a cuple of days in advance as if I try and think on the spot I am left with random words going round my head!
    Well done the on the weight loss, I am only 5’6 but can obvioulsy hide weight well as people often don’t beleive my clothes size. nice being able to hide it and carry it well!

  5. says

    hi andrea! thank you so much for your kind words on my blog!
    SO happy to have found yours. i really enjoyed reading this post! it sounds to me like you’re doing an awesome job at maintaining a weight that makes you happy. ugh, late night eating…i LOVE it. and as i sit here with a diet coke by my side, i savor it, bc in a few days i vow to give it up (for now) again. why is it so good?! lol
    i wish you lots of luck and am looking forward to following <3

  6. says

    Great job on the weight loss! I have yet to get really focused after having my daughter 16 months ago, but I use the excuse that I’m currently 25 lbs. lighter than when I first got pregnant, so that should count for something. (Well, of course it does, but I’d like to drop another 25 lbs… motivation just eludes me!)

    Returning the follow from Happy Hour Projects, thanks for coming by! ~ Adrianne

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