That Icky Feeling

Ever do something that you are so sure is the right thing, only to have that icky feeling come immediately thereafter, telling you, in  that icky feeling sort of way that:  ”No!  That was NOT a good decision!  You suck!” Yeah, that happened on Sunday.  See, we have been renting our house ever since we […]

The Best Book I’ve Ever Read

I started a book last night.  I read 70 pages in 45 minutes.  It was that good.  I finished it today.  The title is Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak For Themselves. I make no secret of the fact that I am a Catholic woman.   I recently came back to the church after a 15 […]

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Put Away Christmas Decorations

It is January 23, 2013 and my Christmas decorations are still up.  There is very little I like less than putting away Christmas decorations hence my apprehension and lateness in actually hauling all the crap out and making my house festive enough to satisfy everyone. I remember Christmas circa 2001.  I am pretty sure my Christmas decorations […]

A New Beginning (Again)

This is a replication.  I don't know about you but I sure couldn't draw this.

Here we go again.  Into the great unknown.  Job change.  Ugh. David and I have been married 5 years and together for 8.  We’ve gone through quite a bit in our relatively short time together.  We were only together for 3 weeks when he accepted a promotion with P.F. Chang’s at a new location in […]

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hello, dear friends!  As I reflect back on the past year and all the blessings of change that have come into my life, I thought I would take a few moments and chat about why I am so passionate about blog design. I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention it again:  One short year ago I […]

Extreme Makeover: Playground Edition

red mountain park

Today, the turkeys and I, along with our neighbor, Amber (she’s 8 years old) went to the park to burn off some of their energy ride their new bikes and enjoy the beautiful Arizona morning. Before I get to the point of this post, first, I have to say that my next purchase must be a […]

The Great Search for Snow: 2012


Oh, what a great tale this will be, complete with a display of my mad photography skills.  I make taking pictures from a moving minivan look easy peasy.  I was going to try to be all clever and write this in third person, but it would just be too hard to keep track of all the […]

I cried

elementary massacre

As I sit here at my computer, this dark and gloomy Sunday morning, my thoughts drift to those parents thousands of miles away who are facing countless of dark and gloomy mornings, regardless of how brightly the sun might be shining.  As I sit here, my turkeys are sitting on my lap, snuggling close to […]

Who knew?

So I sorta launched a new website and blog design site today.  If you would have told me even 3 months ago, that I, Andrea Kay Boring, would be designing blogs and websites, I would have laughed in your face.  Seriously.  For those of you who might be curious, here’s the play by play of […]